Please Update Project: Pokemon

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Dear Wish_Z,

         Now, I know that I have not been played as long as some of the other players, but in my time spam playing I had so much fun and experienced so many emotions. Firstly, I love how you made this game an homage to the original Pokemon Games. In my time play I've seen a lot of things. When I first joined in the end of summer of 2017, it was the first ever Roblox Pokemon game that me and my ex were addicted to. Now more than ever, we need your help to make sure that this game never dies and not have players lose interest. We need more frequent big updates, not just auras and recolors. Course, auras are always appreciated, but the market for recolors gets oversaturated with recolors and hackers exploiting alot of these recolors. More abilities and items scripted into the game would be great for the pvp players who get bored of aura hunting. I know that you might be lazy or get bored of constantly updating the game, but it has been almost half a year with no serious update. Weather was planned to be added a year and a half ago. Cerulean revamped was cancelled but the new map is fully built, just not scripted. So please, maybe like a small thing here and there every 2 weeks, and a big update every 3 months or so would be great! This game will go slowly on the decline if we do not update. We all love and support this game and it would be such a shame to see it die. So please, update the game for our sake.

Sincerly, Darken

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