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Internet Privacy Protection for Wisconsinites

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With the recent federal government rollback of Internet privacy rules, internet service providers (ISP) are now free to capture and share not only Internet usage of its customers, but all data. This includes social security numbers, financial information, and other private information. They are also free to sell it to marketers for any purpose, without our knowledge or acceptance.

We, the people of Wisconsin, should not have our private information sold or tracked for any reason. Tracking this private usage of an information resource is no different than tracking what we read, what we believe in, or what we eat. Once it has been collected, it can then be stolen, it can then be delivered to the government without a warrant. It could allow widespread identity theft, loss of health insurance, employment, housing or discrimination based on our beliefs and our reading habits. This is the action of tyranny and police states, not America.

We, the people of Wisconsin, ask our state government to craft and pass a law that makes the collection of any Internet usage by ISPs or other companies illegal as an invasion of our privacy. Other private information such as financial, health, social security numbers, should never be collected by ISPs and should never be sold. This sort of data collection on their part should be made illegal with stiff penalties and any data breach on their part that results in personally identifying information being stolen should be punished harshly including monetary remuneration. Laws should also be drawn up that the ISPs will provide transparency in the data they collect on every customer's account, easily accessible so that customers know what is being collected, and simply opted-out with a single phone call, or simple interaction through an online billing interface.

We should have full control at all times over whom we share our private, identifiable data with and it should never be wholly collected for any reason unless required by a court of law.

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