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Sue the Attorney and State Actors for violating the First Amendment and Free Press

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Attorney Mark W. Rattan of Litchfield Cavo assaulted me for running a small (3.5") still camera in direct violation of the ruling in a bogus disciplinary hearing against a foreclosure defense attorney, Wendy Alison Nora.

The Referee's failure to admonish Attorney Rattan for his threatening and abusive actions that clearly constituted a breach of the peace under state and local code represents an unlawful Chilling of my First Amendment Rights and Responsibilities as a journalist. This is particularly true given his consistent "warnings" levied at me for no reason, simply for taking a handful of pictures from time to time. My picture count was low and I kept it that way so as not to offend.

Notably, the Record will reveal that Referee Winiarski actually ejected me the moment I asked him why he had not reprimanded Attorney Rattan and when I indicated that I would take the matter up with the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and that “I was done talking.” So he punished me and the Cause of the First Amendment and the Cause of Justice and open government in Ms. Nora’s case because of my notice of intent to exercise my lawful right of review, and that’s a fact.

These events occurred the way in which they did because of unlawful bias against Ms. Nora and myself because we are exposing robo-signing, forgery and fraud that has run rampant in the mortgage industry for the past several years.

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