Groomers Tax Reform

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We the undersigned call on the legislators of Wisconsin to reform the sales tax statute 77.52 to make pet grooming a tax exempt service. All pet grooming services in the state of Wisconsin have been subjected to file and pay sales tax on services they provide.  All services interpreted as ‘medically necessary” for pets by a veterinarian are tax exempt. Pet grooming is in the same category as a medically necessary service and should fall under a tax exempt status as it is very crucial to each pets well-being and very few breeds of dogs can go without professional grooming. Veterinarians have agreed and can tell you that without regular grooming, pets health & wellness quickly declines.

The people of Wisconsin are being wrongly taxed on this service that is absolutely necessary for their pets medical wellbeing. A Pet Groomer who offers nothing other than grooming (no products for sale) should not be taxed for a sale when they aren't making one. In this case as the statute and interpretation stand, Pet Groomers have been given the job of collecting an unfair tax mandated by the state.

Pet grooming is a service: someone giving their time in exchange for payment, there is no sale involved and the people of Wisconsin should not be taxed for this service. Please join me in my stand for the citizens & pet groomers statewide who are being wrongly taxed.

The goal of this petition is to raise awareness to their misinterpretation. Also, to have this non-exempt tax status changed and allow pet grooming a tax exempt service in the state of Wisconsin. Please sign & share this petition and contact your local legislators to raise awareness.