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Wisconsin needs minimum sentences in fatal drunk driving crashes.

On April 4, 2012, Sheboygan County Circuit Court Judge James
Bolgert did the unthinkable. He sentenced Russell Peters to a mere
12 months of work release and community service for killing my
father while driving drunk. Peter’s BAC was .194. He hit 3 road signs 
before swerving back on the highway and murdering my father in the ditch past the fog line on the other side of the road. It was 4:30 p.m. on a sunny afternoon.

There is a fatal flaw in Wisconsin law, which needs immediate
attention. There is no minimum mandatory sentence for killing our
citizens while driving drunk. Pennsylvania has such a law – 3 years.
Other states have similar laws.

Some judges just don’t get it, and never will. The legislature needs to
remind Judge Bolgert that protecting the public is job one. Let’s inject
some common sense into sentencing practices to avoid these tragic

I have contacted my representatives. I urge you to join me on behalf
of a good man and my father – Darwin Hoefert Sr.– in the name of all
future victims. Help our legislators remind clueless judges how to
keep our roads safe.
See the article on the court case below.

Letter to
Wisconsin State Legislature
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Wisconsin State Legislature.

There is a fatal flaw in our sentencing system in Wisconsin concerning fatal drunk driving crashes. There is no minimum sentence for offenders!

The judges in Wisconsin need guidelines or they have within their power the ability to do nothing even when the public cries out for justice. Judge Bolgert of Sheboygan County took a mere 45 seconds to decide the fate of the defendant in the case listed below. This indicates to our family that he had already made his decision prior to the sentencing hearing.

Please change this fatal flaw in our Statute 940.09 to deter future offenders.

Dawn Johnson
See the article on the court case below.

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