We Support Wisconsin’s Mask-Up Order

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We strongly support Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers’ order to wear masks when in public spaces and recommending masks outdoors when physical distancing isn't possible.

Scientists and health professionals agree that wearing masks is critical to slowing the spread of the deadly Covid-19. Wearing a mask protects others, just like laws against drunk driving or driving on the wrong side of the road protect others.

Without an order, Wisconsin will suffer more illnesses and deaths and put our friends, families and health care heroes at greater risk. A lack of an order will also result in coronavirus outbreaks that will require lockdowns, greatly harming Wisconsin’s economy, small businesses and workers.

We look forward to the day masks are not needed. But we agree with scientists they are a critical tool right now for fighting the virus.

We call on all our Wisconsin elected officials to protect our health, safety and economy by supporting the state mask order. We each must do our part to slow this highly dangerous pandemic and bring prosperity back to our cities, regions and state again.