Save our deer herd!!!

Save our deer herd!!!

December 1, 2019
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Wisconsin DNR
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Started by Chris Diesing

The Bayfield County deer herd has been under attack by the same people that are supposed to protect them.

Specifically, DNR Biologist Todd Naas and the CDAC have been recommending countless doe tags even though we've had back to back severe winters and an exploding predator population. 

The county is surrounded by adjoining counties that have issued few if any permits. Bayfield County isn't a geographical oddity. It is being governed, however, by a biologist that is in bed with the foresters. Their inability to grow saplings is being blamed on the deer herd.

Well, they don't listen to the public outcry or talk to area businesses that the waning deer herd affects. One area taxidermist took in 2 bucks for shoulder mounts this year. 49 the previous year, and nearly 100 the year before that! Numbers don't lie. It's time for a change. It's time for a new wildlife biologist that listens to the public instead of judging deer populations by what he sees in his back yard.

Please sign this petition and bring back the high quality deer hunting population Bayfield County used to have. Todd Naas has to go. It's time for someone else to have that position. 

Thank you.



This petition made change with 3,209 supporters!

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