The Wisconsin DNR must deny Kohler Company the use of public State lands for their private profit. The role of the WDNR is to protect the environment...not work for developers.

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The Kohler Company has proposed building a golf course in a pristine forest and sensitive environmental corridor in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.  We are asking the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to DENY the Kohler Company's request for an easement across heavily used public recreational lands which are part of the Kohler-Andrae State Park.  We ask the DNR to DENY the Kohler Company's request to build a private maintenance shed and destroy over 5 acres of public land.  The DNR must tell the Kohler Company they can NOT destroy wetlands, bulldoze rare dunes along the Lake Michigan shoreline,  clear cut over 185 acres of forest and use public lands for a private, for-profit, Golf course. The DNR must NOT set a precedent of stealing land from Wisconsin residents and giving to the highest bidder.  We are requesting the Wisconsin DNR to PROTECT OUR ENVIRONMENT AND PRESERVE WISCONSIN'S PUBLIC LANDS. Tell the DNR to reconsider the land swap decision and keep public parks PUBLIC.