Change the schools hair color policy

Change the schools hair color policy

5 September 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Claire Holden

My daughter recently returned to school after 6 months off due to the Corona virus pandemic. 

During these 6 months she has coped well with a completely different world. 

She has learnt to cook, been learning new skills around the house, enjoyed arts and crafts and participated in making a fairy garden for the children in the local community. 

As Scarlett used to go to the local gym everyday she has struggled since it closed,  she has gained some weight which has effected her confidence. 

Scarlett has changed her style during this time, she has taken up Skateboarding and made new friends. 

Her choice of clothes have changed and she has had the opportunity to experiment with hair colours and make up . Even though this has caused her to be targeted by other local children it has not dettered her.  She has been spat at , had stones thrown at her and name calling. She would describe herself these days as a Mosher.  I think she looks amazing!

On the first day back at school Scarlett was very anxious as im sure most children were.  A teacher ( in front of the other students) asked her why she should be different than anyone else. She then proceeded to send her home without the choice to stay and see how the new way of school was going go be.

Scarlett is not allowed to return to school until her blue streaks have been dyed back to a ' normal colour '


I spoke to the Head teacher who will not entertain any change in this policy and is adamant that Scarlett will not be allowed to return to school until her hair is changed. 

My reason for this petition is that children's diversity should be valued. We live in an ever changing multi cultural society , we value all religions, beliefs, sexual orientation we do not discriminate.

Children should be allowed and encouraged to express themselves through their style , their quirkiness should be valued. Their self esteem and their confidence is of paramount importance to their learning in a world where there is so much anxiety and depression . Children struggle with enough pressure in these current times and these sort of out dated policies need to reflect a changing society. 

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Signatures: 155Next Goal: 200
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