Reduce vehicle access to Birkenhead Park permanently

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As of April 17th 2020 Wirral Council announced they were temporarily restricting access of private vehicles to Birkenhead Park, generally acknowledged as the world's first publicly funded park, due to the increased number of pedestrian and cyclist users because of COVID 19. This measure was taken to protect the safety and well-being of park users. If you have visited the park in this time you will also have noticed how much more peaceful it feels and how lovely it is to see children and adults alike learning how to cycle!

Today, we ask the Council to consider making the park car free whilst still ensuring access for everyone. At the very least the Council should implement measures that would drastically reduce vehicle access to the park permanently. For the latter, the following considerations could be taken, for example: reducing the number of vehicle access points; reducing the length of perimeter road in which vehicles can drive; and creating designated parking points.

Introducing such measures would see the Council continue to prioritise the safety and well-being of pedestrians and cyclists, reduce pollution in our historic and beautiful green space, protect wildlife and reduce anti-social behaviour and dangerous driving associated with vehicle use. 

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