Road Safety

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The most devastating thing a parent will ever go through, taking a call at 8.11am to inform you that your child has been knocked over by a car on his/her way to school... it would be horrifying. That is exactly what happened to me on Friday 11th December.

My 12-year-old son was trying to safely cross a road to meet his friend on the other side to walk to school safely together, when he was struck by a car at the extremely busy Spital Cross Roads Junction.  The fear, panic, shock and the tears before I even got to him was unimaginable.

NO child should give their parents a kiss goodbye in the morning when they leave for school and it could be 'goodbye' forever.

We were rushed to Arrowe Park by ambulance, his entire uniform cut off from his body, we entered A&E to be greeted by at least 12 emergency Doctors and the poor little guy was lying there cold in just his underwear, unable to move as full head and neck supports had been put on as a precaution.

Arrowe Park were amazing as were the paramedics. The people who stood around him after the car had thrown him across the road were just INCREDIBLE. And yet, through all the haze of what was happening, I could see people were still frantically trying to get through the junction, even with a small child lying in the road.

I am not alone in thinking that action needs to be taken to ensure the safety of this junction. Hundreds of parents & local residents feel the entire junction needs resetting to a much higher level of safety for our children, our elderly, our children’s parents... for everyone.

Whilst putting this petition, together I took a call from Arrowe Park and we have to go back this afternoon as there are concerns with his X-Ray and his neck.

My lovely Family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and our community, please, please, please help me and my little Thomas Jack get as many signatures as possible to put in front of Wirral Borough Council.

Thank you

Kelly Louise Newell