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Winthrop Management and CVS Pharmacies: Know this--I will not shop at a CVS in the Nantucket Historic District!

Nantucket is a unique place. Beautiful, historic, and populated by a proud people. Living on an island 30 miles out to see makes it ever so important that we support each other. You see, for 200 years, we have had no choice but to SHOP LOCAL.

For Winthrop Management to decide to replace THE downtown grocery store with a CVS shows that they do not know this town.

They must not realize how that would alter life in town and on island, being left with one grocery store, outside of town. One that was already hard to get in and out of in the summer when our population explodes to over 50,000. One that will not be easily accessible to people staying at the Boat Basin and in town (without vehicles). One that is already a leading earner for its franchise because of the lack of competition. They do not know Nantucket.

They must not care about local businesses and, therefore, island residents. Bringing in a CVS could be devastating to the three local pharmacies, including one in town that has been there forever, with soda fountain and lunch counter. But the threat wouldn't stop there. CVS stores also sell beer and wine, books, magazines, toys, seasonal items, and even medical care. Many local merchants would feel the pinch. They do not know Nantucket.

They must think that we are weak and will not stand up to defend our No Chain Store bylaw. We passed this in 2006, but exempted grocery stores. In even considering a move to town, this must be the loophole they hope to exploit. They must think that we, as a town, will not have the will or the resources to defend their challenge. They do not know Nantucket.

They must not know Nantucket. Else they simply do not care.

We will NOT shop at a CVS on Nantucket. We hope you will keep this in mind.

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