Petition Update


Greg Hinson
Nantucket, MA

Nov 20, 2012 — At the meeting of the Board of Selectmen, Tuesday, November 20, 2012, Steve Cohen, attorney representing CVS, announced: "CVS was in an exploratory phase regarding use of the vacated 2 Salem St. location, the former Grand Union site. However, CVS supports the community's desire to secure a grocery store for downtown Nantucket. In that spirit, CVS will work cooperatively with the property owner to find an appropriate tenant."

And with that, hopefully Winthrop Management will move forward to find an appropriate tenant.

Thank you all for your input.

Thank you to the Board of Selectmen for unanimously stating, PRIOR to the big announcement, that they were with us, and that they were "prepared to go to the mat" on this issue!!!!

And Thank You CVS for being community-minded and listening to our needs!