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We strongly believe that study leave should be reinstated for year 11 students from the start of term 6. The split lunch time causes disruption in the lessons which would disrupt people's' focus which is vital for revision. Some students find it best to work in silence but this will be jeopardized as it would be out of our control. All students need to rest and have a clear mind before their exams so they feel refreshed and fully prepared. This is important for our health and mental wellbeing. Each individual knows how they work best and need to prioritize; the typical school schedule won't work for everybody. we need to plan what times we relax and revise and create our own sense of balance because this can affect work efficiency and productivity. We need independence.

Most will have finished exams before study leave even starts. This does not benefit us in any way. By moving around between lessons revision is difficult as it interrupts your focus and attention span as well as working productively. We are all individuals and need to work on different things. If someone struggles with English they will need to spend more time on English than other subjects. Revision materials are all at home including access to the internet. People need to access revision websites as a key source of their revision. This would not be available to everyone at school which limits resources.

We need a voice about our futures.


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