Winslow Park Dog Shower, Westport CT

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At the Winslow Dog Park located in Westport, CT pet owners battle year-round with muddy paws and coats.

With this petition, we are seeking to have a dog shower installed adjacent to the Dog Water Fountain near the parking lot on the North-end of the park.

 With a dog shower located in that area, pet owners will be able to strategically rinse their pups off before returning them to their vehicles. 

 We believe that it is possible to attach a shower easily to the existing water line, thereby reducing cost and optimizing its use. 

 We recognize that the water line will be disconnected during the colder months, but will be well-used during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons.

 Many residents who recreate with their pets at the Dog Park believe that this represents the best solution by which to prevent soaked and dirty paws from damaging car interiors.

 For the convenience of pet owners in the Westport and neighboring communities, a pet shower would be a welcome and well-appreciated improvement to the Dog Park.