Winona Wants the Best Broadway

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How can our commute be better? Broadway has too many traffic lanes. Four lanes aren’t needed. Broadway was widened from 2 to 4 lanes in 1960 because people thought traffic would increase. It hasn’t. In fact, traffic today is less than what it was in the 1950s!

The extra space can be used for something better.

Won’t changes make my commute slower? No. Only two lanes are needed to carry Winona’s traffic. The 1950s, 4-lane design lacks modern efficiencies such as synchronized stoplights. A new, fresh design could make the commute faster for all drivers in all directions: north, east, south and west.

How to use the extra space? Before the road was widened in the 1960s, Broadway was a beautiful parkway including wide boulevards that everyone could enjoy. Features could include: extra wide sidewalks, more trees and a dedicated bike path.

How many lanes, then? Only two lanes are needed, but there could be three. Our community needs to decide what’s best.

What about future traffic? In 1960, cars were the new technology. Today, different technology is changing how we use our cars. We can shop, bank and communicate without having to drive. Smartphones and the Internet are the way to get around.

Will the plan include bike lanes? It could, but it doesn’t have to. Bike lanes are only one way to use the space.

Who pays for this? Federal grant dollars are available now. We just need to apply. This Monday, October 2nd, Winona City Council decides if we should take advantage of this opportunity.

This sounds great. How do I help? Sign our petition to apply for the grant and initiate the process to explore designs for the best Broadway.

Send this petition to your friends and neighbors. Contacting City Council sends a powerful message. Here is the list of emails for the Mayor and City Council Members:

You don't have to say much. Just ask them to apply for the grant and start the process. 

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