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Give Ali Nixon a page in the yearbook

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The school is overlooking her death. Ali Nixon committed suicide May 23, 2011 due to bullying, and she made such an impact on so many lives. The school wouldn't hold an assembly, only a single moment of silence. Now they're telling students that they can't mention her in their senior write up for the yearbook, AND they declined money a student's dad gave them to have a whole page in memory of her life. Though in 2010, they had a page for someone else's death. The only difference is the way that they both passed, but that shouldn't matter. We're remembering her life, not her death. Student's had even started a petition themselves, collected 150 names in 4 periods (even including some teachers) and the petition was shredded right in front of them. This is upsetting so many people and it's time to make a change.

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