Referendum on Bill 64: Education Reform

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We believe every Manitoban should have a say in the future of our public education system. 

That’s why we are asking the Government of Manitoba to hold a referendum to decide whether Bill 64 should go ahead.

The PCs have introduced Bill 64, the government’s plan to restructure Manitoba’s entire education system. It proposes massive, far-reaching effects on virtually every aspect of Manitoba’s life, politics and economy.

The changes proposed in Bill 64 will affect the education of 200,000 children, their parents, and every community in Manitoba — impacting local employment, the economy, and democracy.

Bill 64 proposes to eliminate school boards and remove local elected voices from decision making by removing school trustees.

A local community school is one of the foundations that determines whether children can access quality education or not can make the difference for how they will live their entire lives.

There is an important role for science and evidence in our education system, which should include a formal process of research in relation to new ideas and new programs before wide-scale changes are made.

The changes proposed in Bill 64 were not part of the PC Platform of 2019, leaving Manitobans in the dark on the PCs education agenda.

A change of this magnitude to one of the core functions of Manitoba’s government requires a clear indication of popular support.

We petition the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba:

To urge all-party cooperation to ensure passage of new referendum legislation and for all-party support to give Manitobans the opportunity to decide – through referendum – if Bill 64 should be adopted or not.