The Uprising Against Wing

The Uprising Against Wing

September 30, 2019
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Started by A member of TGR

Wing, we all feel sympathy for you. What happened was hard and you need to learn from it. And from what it sounds like you did learn from it. And we understand that. If you ever just want a group we’re still here.

But we’d like a new leader.

It isn't just for what happened with ootti even though that will be talked about, but for all the mistakes leading up to that. She’s just one big piece in a puzzle

Item 1: The constant removal of aec. Not once, Twice or even three times. But 7! Is an incredible number sending aec to the top of the RECOM program. Any time it seemed like there was an argument between you and aec it would result in a ban. I remember going on for a week and aec being sacked every other day. It began to become a joke friend of mine wondering when he was going to be sacked again. I’m told that about an hour after he’s unbanned the troubles start up again. 

Item 2: Inactivity/Using the group for money. From what information I can gather I’ve been told this. “Wingnut didn’t do anything necessarily, he was the reason for the project being delayed so long until he passed it onto Metry” It also seems from what I’ve been told that he hasn't really done anything for the group. Any of the big plans/ideas have come from aec or other members of HICOM. And he’s just been sitting. Sure he’s made us some money. But money isnt everything in a group. Proved by our next thing.


Item 3: Ootti. A mess from the beginning. This is a hard topic to talk and I know it’s painful. You got played. It happens and you learned from it. But this is something we need to face. She took over 1750$USD. Even if we get the money back this is critical. You were warned several several times about this. But ignored it. She ended up doing some crazy stuff that no one not even the SC has power She had  access to the chancellors account. Which controls all the robux and group ranks. Which very few people should have access to. Even those who have worked in the group for years. (Andrew, Freedom ect.) Don't have control of this power. But a girl you just met like a month ago does. And this resulted in what we guessed might have happened.  She took over 500,000 robux. And we just have to hope that the admins will give it back.  

This was confirmed by you. Shortly before HICOM tried to cover it up.

We’re still here for you. And we understand your mistakes. Just please give the group to someone else. 

Good luck with your future lad.


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Signatures: 22Next Goal: 25
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