A Place for Pups - Help Build A Dog Park!

A Place for Pups - Help Build A Dog Park!

August 2, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Tiffany Lamont

There is currently a lack of space for dog owners to be able to let their dogs run off lead in public parks. Between parks to close to roads, trash everywhere, too many people, etc. There is a great lack of understanding for the necessity for a dog to be able to exercise properly off lead. A dog park would give dog owning members of our community somewhere to properly exercise and play with their dogs. Responsible dog owners would respect the dog parks rules and I am sure all members of the community would welcome the move to providing a large secure dog park, and allowing the towns parks to be free for the rest of the public. Ontario has lots of dog parks which are very successful, but Wingham has not yet become one of those places. Surely the town could initiate a plan to get something like this set up and running.

Labour and materials would be provided through fundraising, donations and volunteers and no municipal resources will be required. Te location of the dog park would be within the control of the Township and the park would instate a ‘no fault liability/use at your own risk’ policy.

Dog parks promote responsible ownership in the community and when managed properly, can be self-sufficient. On top of that it would:

• it would attract young families to town;
• it would help bylaw officers familiarize themselves with local dogs;
• other parks will have less dog feces;
• people at other parks will be safer.

Let's give our fur babies somewhere safe that they can enjoy, free from harm in Wingham, Ontario!

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Signatures: 917Next Goal: 1,000
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