Stop Windsor’s “Noise By-Law Amendment”

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On May 4th, 2020 Windsor’s City Council approved a new noise by-law enforcement for cars. In a difficult time where Windsor residents have been cruising by children’s birthday parties with their loud vehicles, this not only takes away from the passion of the individual car owner but the kids who are unable to properly celebrate their birthdays with their friends during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The car community is more than the general stereotype. We come together in times of need, whether it be through charitable events, or times such as the COVID-19 Windsor Birthday Cruises. Punishing people for loud exhausts will only discourage individuals from participation in some of these events held throughout the city, bringing Windsor residents together in times of need.


In signing this petition, we hope to try and change the City Council’s mind in understanding the passion with the car community and the joy it brings to everyone in and around the Windsor-Essex County.