Help Laura Change Windsor’s no chicken bylaws

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Trying to Raise chickens in the City of Windsor with a 311 complaint has been heart breaking  for me as now I have to get rid of my 3 year old chickens that were given to me for  therapy.  I was spending $100 every 2 weeks for months talking about my feeling when I had to watch my father pass away from Cancer.  These chickens have helped me get back on my feet and back to work. They gave me a drive and purpose every morning/day. I keep my chickens at my mothers house which is just a 5 minute drive from my home in LaSalle.  The house is backed on to trails and EC row with natural nature all around us. Wild deer, turkeys, snakes and more....                     Not only are they my  Therapy they have a greater purpose, with education to my kids and  nieces, fresh eggs everyday, coop  responsibility, food  compost,  tick control and just so much more. 

Please friends help me save my chickens they mean everything to me