Help prevent the PUD community on Pearl Pentecost

Help prevent the PUD community on Pearl Pentecost

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Winder City Council

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Started by Michelle Brugh

Please sign to help let Winder City Council know that we do not want this development to move forward.  The developers want to annex the subject parcel into the City of Winder subject to the one hundred
percent method and rezone the parcel from Barrow County AG: Agricultural to the City of Winder PUD: Planned Unit Development. The applicant, Meritage Homes of Georgia, requests a rezoning on a 129.68-acre lot with frontage on Pearl Pentecost Road and the West Winder Bypass for the purpose of constructing a residential community including 229 detached single-family dwellings as well as 92 attached townhomes. Their own application says they want to essentially stack houses on top of each other on 0.1492. The new bypass was supposed to help alleviate traffic on Peal Pentecost, this development will increase traffic exponentially! 

This neighborhood in addition to the others that have popped up all over recently is going to cause some major stress on our already overcrowded school systems, our emergency services as well as our infrastructure. All of those things need to be upgraded before any further growth is approved. 

We all understand growth is inevitable but it needs to be done correctly. The City of Winder is only looking at tax dollars not, everything mentioned above, and quality of life for those of us who bought our homes in these neighborhoods to not be in the middle of something like this.

Please sign and pass it to anyone you know in Oxford Ridge and Winston Manor

116 have signed. Let’s get to 200!