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Accept all Manufacturers Coupons

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For most Americans modern life requires grocery shopping.   As the prices of food and other groceries continue to climb faster than the increases in wages more and more people are using coupons.  WinCo has traditionally accepted all Manufacturers Coupons.  They recently decided to stop accepting Coupons that say “Available at” on the coupon. 

When asked about this on their Facebook page the stated “We do not accept coupons that say 'redeemable at 'another' store' (Even though these coupons are manufacturer coupons, many times there might also be a deal in place between that store and the manufacturer – which might come with additional benefits on top of redemption (like lower cost of product, credits or cash allowances). Since we’re not part of that deal, there is no guarantee that our store would get redeemed for the coupons, or us receiving any benefits that we could share with our customers (like lower prices).”  Penny Pinchin Mom ( states, “This wording is the same as Redeemable at.  It is simply an advertisement to let you know that this store carries the product.  You are not obligated to use it only at that store.”  What WinCo’s statement is referring to is when a coupon says “REDEEMABLE ONLY AT”, which according to The Krazy Coupon Lady ( means “If a coupon has the term “Redeem only at” on it, redeem at the store listed. The coupon is a manufacturer coupon, but only the store listed will be compensated for the value.” 

When presented with this information WinCo’s Facebook representative didn’t respond except to say that the information would be brought to management’s attention.


I have started this petition to ensure it is brought to their attention. Please sign this petition and please send it to all your friends as well.

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