Stop Blocking New & Affordable Housing at Micheldever Station

Stop Blocking New & Affordable Housing at Micheldever Station

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Started by For the People

There is a housing crisis in England, and Winchester is no exception. Young people face acute housing affordability problems; prices are more than 12 times local earnings and many households are in-need of affordable housing. There is also a climate emergency, with Winchester City Council aiming to achieve a carbon neutral district by 2030. 

Winchester’s Local Plan was adopted in 2013 and planning rules require they are reviewed every five years. The City Council is updating the vision for its area. In doing so, it will need to meet the development needs that exist in the area over the next 15-20 years. These have increased since the previous Local Plan was put in place, whilst Winchester may also be asked to help meet further unmet needs from surrounding local authorities, including those from constrained South Hampshire areas. Whatever is ultimately concluded, allocating further land for new homes and services will be necessary and will need to be done in a way which embeds low and zero carbon principles into the District’s growth, including around transport.

Development at Micheldever Station has been looked at before, and alternative sites have been preferred for development. But the range of suitable sites in the District is reducing whilst the number of new homes Government requires Winchester to plan for is increasing. In producing its Local Plan, the Council will need to consider options for how it proposes to meet additional future need for homes. This could involve seeing if more housing can be built on the edge of Winchester City, in addition to those currently being built at Kings Barton; it could mean asking communities in towns and villages across the District to each accept more development.

But Government’s national planning policy recognises the supply of new homes can often best be achieved through larger-scale developments. It specifically asks Councils preparing Plans to identify suitable locations for new settlements, provided they are well located, well designed and supported by necessary infrastructure and facilities. In making choices, the Council must work with communities across the District.

Now is the right time for to consider a fresh new vision at Micheldever Station

So please allow some chance for young families to thrive and to access affordable housing and modern facilities

18 have signed. Let’s get to 25!