Demand for diversity and inclusion from Wilton

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Bakers! The joy of baking is a vital part of communities globally. It is embedded in cultures everywhere and we expect to see bakers of all kinds represented in baking worldwide. The baking community is extremely diverse, with bakers of all racial and ethnic backgrounds and a wide variety of baking styles. Black and non-black bakers need our support during this historic time as we all gather for Black lives to have equality in this nation. The goal of equality is not represented by Wilton, one of the largest baking companies at this time. We are calling for you to boycott major baking product company, Wilton, until the following demands are committed to being met:

  1. Acknowledgement that Black Lives Matter: Reputational risk concerns for this company is high. If you are worried about alienating the "white woman baking hobbyist" narrative you push, then that needs to be disrupted. It's 2020, Wilton. Support the diverse bakers that use your products.
  2. Baked-in Diversity: Specifically, bakers of various racial backgrounds are missing in your content including but not limited to: African-American, Hispanic, Asian bakers and more. Hand models are found to lack diversity. In addition, there is a lack of representation of baking for religious holidays including but not limited to: Eid, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Diwali etc. We expect changes in representation uniformly across all internet properties.
  3. Takeovers: Wilton Takeovers should feature diverse bakers with unique styles. When takeovers are held, influencers should be paid for their sponsored content and takeovers: Exposure is not payment. Product is not payment. Baking is a costly past-time and acknowledgement of this would be monetary compensation. Many bakers reported:
    • Lack of diversity in the bakers featured in the takeovers
    • Lack of compensation for takeovers (which include time, tools, products, etc)
    • Excessive need for badgering when looking to receive agreed payment 
  4. Reposted Content: Content created by instagram bakers are the lifeblood of your grid. Wilton should be doing more than featuring similar styles with a lack of diversity in the bakers being featured.
    • Feature a variety of bakers
    • Feature a variety of style

We expect better from such a large company that benefits from a general love of baking. Wilton issued statements on social media and emails addressing the lack of representation of Black bakers and decorators. However, this statement lacked an action plan. We want the above issues to be acknowledged and considered when changes are being made. Wilton should keep the baking community in mind when making these changes and inform the baking community of the steps being taken to address these issues.

Until Wilton commits to the above demands, here are some steps you can take to phase out Wilton:

  • Untag all photos (if possible, contractual obligations excluded)
  • If you have a contract in the works, bring your fellow bakers' concerns to the table.
  • If reposted, request your content be removed from their page
  • Contact your local stores to refrain from carrying them
  • If you are a bakeshop, write a letter telling them why you intend to refrain from further purchases of their product
  • Use this spreadsheet to find alternative diversity-friendly resources for your creations: