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Petitioning Executive Director, Cleveland Metroparks Brian Zimmerman and 4 others
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Executive Director, Cleveland Metroparks
Brian Zimmerman
Bruce G. Rinker
Debra K. Berry
Dan T. Moore
Wilson's Feed Mill

Wilson's Feed Mill: Stop Selling/Giving Deer-Kill Bait to Cleveland Metroparks

Wilson Feed Mill supplies hundreds of pounds of corn as deer bait to help the Metroparks, aka Emerald "Reckless," bait and kill deer, many thousands, since the late 1990s. Metroparks commissioners -- deliberately selected by ONE AND ONLY ONE PERSON, a Cuyahoga County judge who is the brother of now federally imprisoned and former county treasurer Frank Russo -- went out of his way to appoint only those commissioners who would go along with his lakefront acquisition, corporatizing and deer-slaughter agenda.

There's SO MANY layers to this, but this petition targets Wilson's Feed Mill, a private business used to supply the Metroparks' cruel agenda. Lethal methods do NOT control deer populations; park officials long ago sold out the wildlife. Imagine, the deer have nowhere else to go but the parks, and that is where they are slaughtered.

Letter to
Executive Director, Cleveland Metroparks Brian Zimmerman
Commissioner Bruce G. Rinker
Commissioner Debra K. Berry
and 2 others
Commissioner Dan T. Moore
Owner Wilson's Feed Mill
Stop Selling/Giving Deer-Kill Bait to Cleveland Metroparks and Stop Killing Deer