Change The Family System - Support Presumed 50/50 Parenting

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WHEREAS the Government of Ontario, through the Children’s Law Reform Act, dealing with such matters as custody of, and access to children, as well the rules to establish parentage of a child, allow the family court system in Ontario to use these rules of law to grant unequal access to one parent the majority of the time.
AND WHEREAS the Government of Ontario, through the Family Law Act, deals with spousal and child support, encourages parents of low income to monetize their children by withholding access to the other parent for financial gain.
WHEREAS the young children of separated and divorced parents, because of these laws above continue to be treated like commodities for sale. Family court by awarding unequal custody sends a clear message to the children involved, devaluing their relationship to one parent over the other creating lasting social / emotional damage to the children who are powerless to legally remedy their social and emotional needs until it is too late.
We, the undersigned, Residence of Ontario, call upon the Mayors, MPP's and Prime Minister to We the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to make equal custody between separated parties the goal of Family court in Ontario whenever possible by making amendments to the Children’s Law Reform Act and the Family Law Act clearly stating the goal for Family court is to maximize the time children spend with both parents whenever possible. Equal custody laws are already present in Sweden and are proven to be beneficial to reducing childhood trauma and reducing family related violence.