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Wilson County, TN government agencies and Circuit Court: For Tony...can you help us?

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On June 8, 2012, my son Tony came home and disclosed at a recent visit with his father on visitation that he had been choked by him..I had been waiting for a court date by Judge John Wootten in Wilson County, Tn in regards to child support arrears from the ex since September 2011. I stopped visitation out of fear my son would be further harmed..An emergency hearing was heard on June 29, 2012, and Judge John Wootten refused to listen to the case but rather stated he would listen at a final hearing..I was told I better have an expert witness when I came back to court or he would have a real problem with me..The final hearing date was scheduled for September 14, 2012. After that court appearance in June, my son Tony has come back from his fathers visitation with bruises not once but twice to his upper arms and shoulders. on august 20, 2012, the ex dropped him off at school and the child was having trouble walking..he complained his foot and leg were hurting..when his teacher questioned him about his foot and leg, he disclosed to her that his father had grabbed him by the arms, picked him up, and banged him on the floor..At bedtime that night, I discovered bruising to both of his upper arms..I took photographs and used a can tab to gauge the photographs..On august 23, 2012, Tony was in severe pain in the abdomen area and I took him to my local emergency room. While in triage, two nurses asked me if I felt the child was being abused..I didn't want to respond because I'm being accused of being a parental alienator by the ex and his attorney, but I spoke out and replied yes..this is a standard question they ask all parents of children..a nurse practitioner and nurse immediately entered the room we were taken to..I stood in the corner refraining to say much..I listened as Tony told them his stomach hurt, pointed to the area he was hurting, and then I walked over and raised the sleeves on his shirt..not saying a word..they asked Tony how he got those bruises on his arms and shoulders..he explained the story to them..then I was asked if I had reported this to anyone and I replied no one except my attorney..they notified me they were calling the the time, I didn't know if Tony had injury to his stomach from the abuse..a police officer came to the hospital, questioned Tony with me standing in a corner of the room, staying out of the conversation..the officer then asked me had I reported this to DCS..I replied no..(if you report your ex to DCS in Tennessee, they think you are trying to get even with the ex). The officer then asks me what I wanted him to do..I told him I wasn't the one who called him..the medical professionals did..he asks what do you want me to do? I told him I thought something should be done...he completed a report, had another officer to come in and take pictures and said he would give this information to a detective...nothing has ever happened concerning this..then on september 2, 2012, I went to pick up tony from the police station due to a dropped him off and then left..before Tony and I could leave the police station, I found newly fresh bruises to both of his arms..I called dispatch in the lobby and asked for an officer..the same officer who took pictures of him at the hospital asked if he could speak to him alone..Tony told the officer he didn't know how he got the bruises, but the officer took photographs anyway..upon arriving home that night, I took my own photographs of his bruising on both arms..then I texted the ex to inquiry how Tony got the bruises..he had his new girlfriend try to answer, but I politely told her I was asking the ex and not her..the ex finally texted and stated nothing happened and there were no bruises on Tonys arms...At the september 14, 2012, hearing, the exs attorney filed a motion to dismiss my case on the grounds I had not completed his set of interrogatories from attorney stated we had never received those..despite this, I was ordered to complete the interrogatories within 10 days or my case would be dismissed..(everyone gets 30 days to complete interrogatories)... Then I was ordered to pay the exs attorneys fees of $690. now don't forget I mentioned he's been behind on child support since September 2011 of $536 but that hasn't been heard by the judge's being put off for some reason..our final hearing was put off until November 21, 2012.. As of October 6, 2012, the ex has left the state of Tn to Florida with Tony on vacation..he never provided the address as part of the itinerary so I don't know my sons, October 10, 2012, I requested a phone call with my son that lasted for one minute because he and the ex were leaving to go somewhere which interrupted my phone conversation with my son..I'm not a parental alienator..the child is being abused and for some reason, I feel the Wilson county, Tn government agencies and circuit court are punishing my son and me for having to tolerate the ex who will not abide by the parenting plan and he is walking away with abusing him...please sign this case should be heard without bias and prejudice because I am a mother concerned for her child's safety..if anyone knows how I can make this public and share with the media, please help us!

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