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Shut down For the Love of Dogs in Wilson, NC

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  • I am making this petition because the so called, "non profit", "slow kill" Rescue, For the Love of Dogs needs to be shut down and put out of business. Not only have there been many violations because of not providing water in runs for the dogs that are hoarded there, there recently have been two MAJOR attacks there as well. In April of this year, a woman, who also seves in the North Carolina National Guard, and her young, autistic son, were mauled there as the woman was visiting the shelter for an unknown reason. We know that she was a volunteer Veterinary Technician, so thinking she went there for something quick as it was after 4PM with her kids and had them sit at a picnic table, where one of the owners set out two huge Rottweilers that they KNEW were not good with children. Also, knowing that the mother did not "shoo" the dogs away but jumped on top of her already mauled son and took maulings all over her body including her neck. The Fitz-Gerald's signed a dangerous dog ordinance that they did not follow. Many people reported that those dogs were playing outside at the attack site. 

Fast forward to July of this year; Max Fitz-Gerald signed a dangerous dog agreement. He did NOT adhere to the ordinance. He told a 17 year old volunteer to let those same two dogs out. That volunteer questioned the instruction since she hadn't been around them since the April attack. Another volunteer let the dogs out, they go to the same picnic table and the dogs attacked the 17 year old. She got up running and screaming and she was taken to the ground by those dogs. Della Fitz-Gerald also gets attacked. Those dogs were euthanized after this attack but Max expresses more compassion for the dogs than he does the victims. He is a heartless, old man who doesn't care about anybody but himself. He expresses constantly about public safety, which he proved he was talking nothing but a bunch of crap.

In conclusion, the Fitz-Gerald's are too incompetent to run a rescue. Max Fit-Gerald and the staff KNEW those dogs were dangerous dogs. They even said so in a video dated back in July of last year. There are many news articles about this and other violations that he has. He stated "in the rescue world, you don't know what you are going to get." Trying to make excuses. He knew for a FACT what he got, especially after the first attack on the young child and his mother, who volunteered for him and serves in the National Guard. She is a hero because she risked her own life for her son. No family should have to suffer. CLOSE DOWN FOR THE LOVE OF DOGS IN WILSON, NC!!! Do this for the safety of Wilson County residents and do this for the dogs who go there and most likely will never leave. NO KILL IS SLOW KILL!

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