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Help keep Short Term Rentals Alive in Wilmington NC

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The Wilmington NC City Council is getting ready to make sweeping regulations to Short Term Rentals, including VRBO, Airbnb and other popular online booking sites. The proposed regulations will essentially force most Short Term Rental owners to close down, by restricting the total number of rental periods per year to either 2, 8, or 15, by mandating that the lodging period not exceed 29 days, and by determining that Short Term Rentals be located no closer to each other than a city block, half a mile, OR any distance that the City Council directs.
It also appears that the City would like to eliminate non-owner occupied Short Term Rentals altogether.

  • The City may make modification to the above specifications in these situations: Emergencies, National Disasters or designated Special Events, ( ie, when they need us)
  • All these regulations are being proposed despite a survey conducted by City employees in 2016 published on the City's website, which shows overwhelming support for Short Term Rentals, in all areas of Wilmington, residential and business.
  • The city is basing these changes on the recommended and/or implemented changes made by other cities to their Short Term Rental policies, even though Wilmington does not share their problems, such as lack of affordable housing. Council members claim their concern for maintaining the character of Wilmington, as well as multiple complaints from Wilmington residents that Short Term Rentals are attracting undesirable guests, even though there is no hard data on the number of complaints received.
  • The Wilmington City Council has 2 past presidents of an organization called ROW (Residents of Old Wilmington), which has a virtual manifesto on the front page of their website, declaring why Short Term Rentals should NOT be permitted in Wilmington. ROW is comprised of residents who live in a very circumscribed area of Wilmington, and voting members must live in that specific area. These are the residents who are driving the push to eliminate Short Term Rentals, and thus determining the fate of ALL of Wilmington regarding the future of such. There is clearly a conflict of interest being demonstrated by allowing these 2 council members to vote on this issue.

Please sign this petition, if you care about the future of Short Term Rentals here, and across the country. The City is trying to push this issue through, by not giving clear information to residents about their intentions. Multiple emails to the City Council members on this subject have gone unanswered, despite them having received information from Airbnb, as to how they would work with the City to help collect revenue,and police Hosts who do not monitor their guests, which would result in having their listing removed from the Airbnb website.
We will lose this fight unless we have enough voices to tell the City what we want!



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