Request for consultation regarding Willingdon Annex proposal

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We, the parents of current and future Willingdon students, request a full and inclusive public consultation process with all concerned stakeholders regarding the expansion of Willingdon Elementary school to a second campus. We insist on the consultation process taking place before any final decision is made, and prior to the proposal being presented to the English Montreal School Board. We also request a thorough and transparent study into suitable alternatives that could address the concern of possible future overcrowding without compromising the school’s neighbourhood focus.

The proposed second Willingdon campus is slated to open in little more than six months and many of our concerns have still not been addressed through the current consultative process. While well-intentioned, we believe that it has not been possible to carefully consider all options in order to make the wisest and most-informed decision given this very short timeline. If implemented, this proposal will have significant and irrevocable impact on our school, our community, and the education of our children, and so we are asking you to ensure such an important decision is not made in haste.