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Williamwood Remarking Policy: Scrap the criteria, remarking for all those who need it

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SQA have a system where they allow candidates who have a concern with their grade to get a remark where there is a possibility to get an upgrade from their grade. The deadline to request a remark is 28 August 2017 so there is very little time left.

Williamwood High School has a 'policy' where only candidates who have a 2 band difference or more between their predicted and final grade can get a remark. This policy and criteria they follow is highly unfair to those pupils who are either really close to a grade they were expecting or pupils who don't fall under the 2 band rule. 

Williamwood's own policy is discriminatory against its own pupils and puts them at a severe disadvantage compared to those at other East Renfreshire schools. 

This policy they have promotes inequality to those students who don't fall under their criteria as they are refused from requesting a remark where there is a possibility of getting the grade they expected. Some students who required a certain grade to get into a university of their choosing are unable to do so now as they didn't get a grade they needed but were refused a remark as they didn't fall under Williamwood's criteria. This is very unfair as those students could easily have a chance to get a remark and get their grade boosted to what they need as there is a possibility the marker miscounted their paper or didn't mark it correctly in the first place. However, because they are not allowed a remark they will never know if they actually got the grade they deserved in the first place because of a mistake. This is very detrimental to their future as they are now being told to 'just forget about it', 'move on' and 'choose something else to do'. As a student words of this nature are painstakingly hard to hear considering this has a major effect on your future

Marking is not 100% perfect. The 2016 statistics of the remarks found on the SQA website state that 20% of marking reviews got an upgrade. The errors therefore are made by the marker, not the student. So why should the students aspirations be taken away from them when it could not even be the students mistake? 

They are almost forcing students to follow a career plan which they had never expected to follow nor aspired to do. Some other schools are allowing their students to get a remark if they choose without following any criteria. This means that choosing to study at Williamwood has put yourself at jeopardy. Consequently, this means if those students were to go a different school, they would get a remark and possibly a securer grade. However, because they go to Williamwood they are being unjustly driven from that choice. 

There is a possibility that the school simply cannot fund for too many people so they are refusing students a remark by placing an excuse of a policy which they claim to have. Some students have even offered to pay for their own remark but the school takes this as an offence and continues to refuse by bewildering students with their vague and unhelpful jargon

If a remark of a paper means that a student can follow their dreams then shouldn't the school be encouraging that student to get a remark? Instead, they are pushing students away from their dreams and goals and leaving them in a distraught state. This is simply unacceptable since Williamwood is a 'Rights Respecting School' meaning that the best interests of students should be always be put first! 

Any student who wishes to get a remark done by the SQA should be allowed to do so if they wish without having to follow a policy or meet criteria of a school as this could be a question of their future. Williamwood High School should scrap this policy and allow any student a remark!


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