Declare a Climate Emergency in Williams Lake, B.C.

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• Climate impacts are already causing serious loss of life and destroying vital ecosystems.
• Global average temperature, atmospheric greenhouse gases, and ocean acidity are already at dangerous levels.

 • Wartime economic mobilizations have proven how quickly nations can restructure their economies when facing an extreme threat.

It is inexcusable to continue with climate-damaging policies that put us all in even greater peril. The Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C goal is not a safe goal.

THEREFORE, petitioners call upon The City of Williams Lake to

• Declare a climate emergency.
• Commit to providing maximum protection for all people, economies, species, ecosystems, and civilizations, and to fully restore a safe climate.
• Mobilize the required resources and take effective action at the necessary scale and speed.
• Transform the economy to zero emissions and make a fair contribution to drawing down the excess carbon dioxide in the air.
• Encourage all other governments around the world to take these same actions.

We've risen to big challenges in the past when an emergency has been declared, with citizens and all sides of politics rising to the occasion and working together for the common good.

We call on The City of Williams Lake to do what is necessary now.