Ban single-use plastics in Williams Lake, B.C.

Ban single-use plastics in Williams Lake, B.C.

1,255 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
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Williams Lake City Council

Why this petition matters

Started by Erin Hitchcock


• Single-use plastics are polluting our oceans, killing both marine and land animals – plastic particles have even been found inside the eggs of birds.

• They release toxic chemicals into our soil and clog our sewers.

• They are difficult to recycle and are typically only used once or twice.

• They require petroleum to manufacture, creating unnecessary emissions that contribute to climate change.

• They cause unnecessary refuse and recycling collection costs.

• Microplastics contaminate our seafood and drinking water.

• Union of B.C. Municipalities delegates voted unanimously for the B.C. Government to ban plastic shopping bags.

THEREFORE, petitioners call upon The City of Williams Lake to help reduce the impact of plastics on our local and global environment by:

• Banning the use of new plastic checkout bags in Williams Lake.

• Providing the public and businesses reasonable notice of a ban — but with a timely deadline.

• Helping to promote alternatives to plastic bags, such as community “bag libraries.”

• Including single-use plastics such as straws and Styrofoam in the ban, offering education on alternatives, such as glass or metal straws and reusable containers, cups, bottles and cutlery.

• Joining the increasing number of governments, including – but not limited to – the municipalities of Victoria, Vancouver, and Kamloops, that have begun their own plastic bans in B.C.

• Encouraging other governments to take these same actions.

We urge the City of Williams Lake to join the movement in eliminating single-use plastic pollution.

1,255 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!