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Petition for Texas Governor Abbott to Veto SB2190and or HB43

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For Citizens of Texas. Please only one signature per individual.

To the Honorable Governor Abbott,

We Firefighters of the City of Houston and fellow Citizens of the Great State of Texas come together as one asking you to Veto SB 2190 and or HB43 should they come to your desk.

Both Bills stated are based off of false information given to the Senators and Congressmen who approved them. We believe that Mayor Sylvester Turner is using his favor with the Texas Congress to pass these bills based off of very flawed information he has given them.

Information given by Mayor Turner states that the Firefighters Pension is only funded at 70% and is in trouble when it is actually at 89.7% funded and is rated as one of the Top Ten Pensions in the Nation.

Mayor Turner has given information that the Houston Police and Municipal Workers Pensions have had to bail out Firefighters Pensions on several occasions when in fact it is Just the Opposite, Houston Firefighters Pension has given Millions of Dollars to the City of Houston.

Mayor Turner states that Houston Firefighters are doubling their pay at retirement. Fact is our pension is based off of our top 78 pay periods averaged. At 20 years of service we get 50% and at 30 years of service we get 80% of that average. We also do not get Social Security.

Of the 3.5 Billion Dollars Unfunded Liability the Firefighters Pension is only 18% of the problem. The remaining 82% belongs to HPD and Municipal Workers. The City of Houston has passed the Buck on it's financial responsibilities for the past 30 years and now want Firefighters to pay for it. We agree there needs to be some change and believe we can work our 18% through collective bargaining if Mayor Turner would just agree to meet us in good faith.

Please sign and help those who have been helping others.

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