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William R. Jackson's allowance to be a part of his infant sons life.: Allow fathers to be in their child's lives just as much as the mothers.

He is a FATHER who (is willing to care, and be there for his FIRST, and ONLY child) was assaulted by the mother of THEIR child. It was the FATHERS NOTARIZED time to care for, and be a parent to the child. Sadly, the mother took it upon herself to show up unannounced, and let herself into his home. She did not like the way the conversation was going, and proceeded to assault William R. Jackson in front of their infant son, and his best friend. He went to jail for defending himself, and now is not able to see his son. He has even missed his first Christmas. This is not fair to neither the father, or son. There are a lot of fathers who are truly willing to be in their children's lives, but the mothers selfishly use the children against the fathers. This baby deserves to have his father in his life especially if he wants to be in it!

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