Change the law enforcement system of the United States of America

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Upon the passing of Sir George Floyd, the American people along side the rest of the world have seen what can be described as a the start of a revolution. The African American people have had enough of the pain and fear they undergo daily, due to a law enforcement system that is flawed. There have been too many lives taken unfairly, brutally and cruelly. Too many assaults and too many racial profilings.  This is why there needs to be a drastic change in the current law enforcement system in the United States. The African-American youth lives in the fear that one day they will be another name on the news. Their parents fear that their sons and daughters might not make it back home. I recognize that there are good law enforcement officers that want nothing other than to protect and bring justice and safety to the American people they serve. However, it would be ignorant to believe that a change could come about with no modification of the current system. Please understand that we cannot let another life go at the cost of this brutal system of oppression.

Peaceful movements like Black Lives Matter have come to light to show you the reality of the Afro-American people. Out of respect for the constitution, please listen to the American nation. The people who have signed this petition demand that the law enforcement system of the United States be more democratic. Police accountability needs to be ingrained in the system. Moreover, it needs to be one in which people can elect their police department chiefs, where trust can be put in the hands of a trust worthy authority and where authority works along side communities. This will be a hard and long battle, but perhaps this could be a step towards a better America.