Stop the Boarding House on 3 Chester Avenue, Maroubra

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The 33-Unit Boarding House being proposed to be built on 3 Chester Avenue (DA/290/2018), Maroubra should be stopped. 

- Maroubra already has a high amount of housing commission and this will only compound the drug and alcohol issues the community currently faces. 

- The area already experiences violence and abuse in Coral Sea Park with no lighting at night 

- We will experience a considerable increase in noise

- We will lose our privacy with the removal of trees and the building being 3 storeys 

- The development only has an allowance for 7 car parks for approx 54 residents. Parking is already limited due to the narrow streets and sport events in Coral Sea Park.

- The building exceeds council height restrictions and neighbouring properties will only have access to 2 hours of sunlight during winter which will impact their health due to mould and damp related issues 

- The developer and local consultant mislead the community by 1) advising our concerns would be included in the Social Impact Report, which they weren't 2) The development reports they have developed are filled with errors which include: identifying neighbouring properties as apartments, which are actually townhouses and stating 3-storey buildings already exist close by, this is also incorrect as those buildings are actually only 2-storeys. 


Sign the petition, share the petition with your neighbours and show our council and state government that the current situation our community faces is difficult enough and if they approve this development it will only make things worse for a community already under pressure.

We value our community, we need to protect it and put a stop to the boarding house being approved now.