Equal rights to father my son Weston M. Jackson.

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I have done my best to be a father in my sons life. I moved to a state I'm not from to start a family. His mom didn't want me and moved back in with her parents. Fine. I moved to an apartment paying 1,000$ a month in rent near her parents house, providing my half of the primary care for Weston. Anything he needed when he was with me I took care of. In order to keep the peace I never fought with Weston's mother to keep him more than 3 days a week. I've attended almost every appointment I've been aware of because she provides his health insurance and I don't get to set those up for him, but I have agreed and always will agree to cover half of her expenses for our son. In the last month she has petetioned our judicial system to take that equal right to provide physical care to my son. 

4. “Joint physical care” means an award of physical care of a minor child to both joint legal custodial parents under which both parents have rights and responsibilities toward the child including but not limited to shared parenting time with the child, maintaining homes for the child, providing routine care for the child and under which neither parent has physical care rights superior to those of the other parent.

According to the laws of my state the above serves as in the best interest of the child. If you know me and you know what I've been to Weston please sign this petition and help my cause. Everyone knows the horror story's about how fathers get shafted. Please help me fight this. 


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