Offer Vote-by-Mail in Massachusetts

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our state’s residents are concerned about their ability to vote safely, or that the November election could be postponed. 

Elections are our nation’s most important collective activity. They, like all other mass participatory activities, must be adjusted and improved to protect public health and democracy alike.

The best way to ensure a safe, on-time, fair and inclusive election is for all Massachusetts to offer an automatic vote-by-mail or no-excuse absentee option, and be prepared to send mail-in ballots to all registered voters. States like Colorado and Oregon already employ such a system, and have significantly higher voter participation rates than the national average.

Vote-by-Mail also gives each voter the opportunity to better research who or what they are voting for before mailing it in, to ensure they can make the most informed and educated choice when casting their ballot.

If we begin planning for this now, with adequate funding, we can ensure an election that is safe for all eligible residents. We can also safeguard the election from attempts to subvert the will of the people through a postponement or limited access to the polls, now and in the future.

These measures should also include self-sealing postage-paid envelopes, as well as expanded schedules for in-person early voting, so those who prefer to vote in person can still do so while maintaining social distance and avoiding a massive grouping on Election Day.

Let’s work together in a nonpartisan way so that this health pandemic does not become a crisis for our democracy.