Due Process Must Be Afforded To All at Queens College- City University of NY.

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Let me start by saying, I do NOT want my job back.  My resigning had allowed me to finally enjoy time with my wife and children and has allowed me more time to deal with health issues.

My main objective is to protect fellow colleagues and future student advocates who are trapped in a horrifically biased and hostile work environment.  I want to ensure that “due process” and CUNY Guidelines are afforded to all employees and students, regardless of race, creed, color, gender, and if they are a Complainant or Respondent.  CUNY and even Queens College, like any large, public organization, to battle as a single individual is almost impossible.  I have limited resources to begin with so; I figured I can atleast encourage CUNY to affect change.  It is well known that at a minimum, Queens College administrators will insulate themselves, circle the wagons so to speak, and have endless resources to battle any exisitng or former employees who decide to take hem to task, myself included.

I am a former Director at Queens College who was first harrassed and discriminated against both racially and under ADA violations, as a caucasian leader who is married to a black woman and has 3 beautiful, biracial children and suffers from mental illness created and exacerbated as a result of the inhumane environment I worked in, various forms of aggressive (active and passive) and hateful and even racist behavior I was forced to accept and endure on a daily basis.  

A handful of black employees, some whom never worked with or for me lodged or corroborated egregious complaints against me. These complaints included my being racist, using racial slurs regularly, being sexist and racist in my Hr practices, etc.  I honestly can’t figure for the life of me, why many decided to put their race before integrity.  It is well known I treated everyone who worked for me and with me with the utmost respect.  I wish I could share with all of you the full details of these complaints but, they were never provided to me in a detailed, written summary. The Chief Diversity Officer, Legal Counsel of the President, (both women of color) and the President and my supervisors refused to allow me to see and defend these horrible, slanderous allegations. Furthermore as I tried to manage certain insubordinate people who were allegedly anonymous complainants, I was hit with retaliation charges and complaints.  How do you retaliate against an anonymous person?  In all the instances, I was never provided exact dates, exact times, person who witnessed the offense. etc.  Basically conjecture was the College’s only tangible witness.  Also, myself and one of my employees were illegally recorded by another employee who was not in the office nor part of the conversation.  This same employee had a hidden video camera installed, which we found and reported.  Needless to say, her actions were never addressed.  I never heard the recordings, however; the College used this illegal recording to add charges against me.  I guess privacy only exists for a select few or members of a protected class.

I offered to provide countless witnesses and physical evidence on numerous occasions with regards to all allegations, only to be ignored via email and phone and the College refused all my evidence and ignored supportive individuals who wished to defend my 12+ years of dedicated  service to my students and the institution.  I was denied a meeting with the President, with whom I thought I had a good relationship.  

The College, until the very end, even manipulated me and intimidated me from seeking assistance from my union.  I was also warned not to go to CUNY directly, as it would be “a nuclear option” for me.

I also sent emails to the College administrators and HR stating the harrassment and health issues being created and exaxerbated, prior to even the first complaint being lodged against me. My medical providers issued documentarion alerting them of the damages I was falling victim to.  I even filled out an ADA special accommodation request form which was never responded to, let alone being given assistance, acknowledgement, or any alternatives.  Many discriminatory and malicious actions were taken against me for my mental health issues in conjunction with being victimized by a slander and libel campaign.  In fact, my HIPPA rights were violated as my ealth condition along with the allegations spread across campus like a wildfire.

I had an untarnished HR record, with strong relationships throughout the entire campus and with a diverse population of staff and students.  To provide just a small example,  It is alleged that a prior supervisor and woman of color corroborated the fallacies with the original complainant. When I worked for her I was never written up and received positive evaluations.  All of a sudden, a friend of hers and other friends begin the campaign and she was right on board.  It should also be noted that she was friends with the investigator and that there are allegations of impropriety against her, of which I have all the documentarion.  

It should be noted that the original complainant absolutely refused to cooperate with the investigation, yet the Title IX Officer (originally stated Title IV in error and I apologize for the error). and Chief Diversity Officer (woman of color) decided to embark on a witch hunt, with the encouragement and support of the  College’s Chief Legal Counsel and President of the College.

Ultimately, I knew what was coming so, I decided to resign of my own accord due to health concerns and the affect it was having on my defenseless wife and 3 small children.  My union could not do much to assist me so, I am now in the middle of my EEOC process.  

Until then, I have former employees/friends who are also being subjected to the constant harrassment and bullying I endured for years.  They have remained somewhat silent because after so many years when I began to defend myself, an institution known for finding basic racism where none exisits or students under Title IV are guilty until proven innocent (just like white, male employees), they fear they will be subject to similar retaliation.  Interestingly enough, a day or two after I resigned ; the College had a meeting with my former personnel to discuss the break up and changes in the department, the budget/activity fees paid by students, and the student funded building for which I served as the administrator.

There is so much more to this story and I apologize for being so verbose as it is.  My goal is not to besmirch the reputation of CUNY, Queens College, and the employees who have adversely affected my life and that of my family.  This is why I must be a bit ambiguous, as I need to ensure I do not say or do anything that could affect the legal discovery process for my representation or create a litigious action if I started naming individuals.  I apologize if that creates some vacancies in your mind when assessing this situation.

Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t want my job back nor do I want revenge on some of the most unethical people I never thought exisited.  I don’t want anyone fired or negatively affected.  I want future change and justice for others.  God will take care of me and my family until I find a new employment opportunity.

I just want future employees to never endure what I have for over a decade and have it end the way it did for me.  I want future employees to be able to serve our students as effectively as they can and feel good doing it, without operating under fear, hostility, reverse racism, and most of all unfair HR, Diversity, and legal practices.  Everyone originally involved should be ashamed!  The students and staff at Queens College deserve better. 

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