Stop the DESTRUCTION of our Legal Prescription Drug Makers

Stop the DESTRUCTION of our Legal Prescription Drug Makers

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Put a stop to the organized, systematic, unethical, immoral and corrupt destruction of our medication production companies and capabilities! Put an immediate end to the Opioid Lawsuits against American Drug Makers! Dismiss these lawsuits!

The onslaught of the Opioid Crisis has stricken the heartland of the Unites States and shaken us to our core. There is no doubt a crisis that is running amok throughout the streets and homes of our great country. This crisis has been developing over time, days, weeks, years, decades even. The main root and cause of this crisis has yet to be fully understood or determined, that is fact.

However, under our very noses, a WAR has been declared against our drug makers, companies that save so many American lives every single day. Attorney Generals and Attorneys throughout the US are seemingly misplacing the burden of the blame for the entire Opioid crisis on US based companies that manufacture real medical drugs and prescriptions that affect the health and lives of every single person in our country.

Some Attorney Generals are filing lawsuits, using the power of their position to single handily force our drug makers to look at and consider bankrupting their companies to either make good on the losses incurred or look to other solutions to try to balance the financial burden and overhang these lawsuits are creating. Over 2000 of these lawsuits have been filed. Not only are these lawsuits unethical, they are destroying our medical capabilities! They are destroying American Drug Makers.

These lawsuits are filed for one and only one goal and purpose, MONEY! The states want money, in the terms of billions of dollars, and in doing so they are actually destroying billions of dollars in wealth in these companies and the people that invest into these companies. It means nothing to them that once these companies give in to the financial weight of their lawsuits and destroy the companies by putting them out of business, no money will be left for anyone or anything. This is all about greed! No money will be left for the public and certainly less drug makers will survive, if these lawsuits continue.

These lawsuits are frivolous. While it is true that we have an Opioid crisis, to place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the companies that create our medical pharmaceuticals is dishonest, immoral, and blind to the actual root cause. Many, far too many facets, created this mess. Destroying our ability to manufacture these and many other life threatening medications is beyond reproach.

The burden of blame can fall on many including but not limited to:

Our Medical Doctors who prescribe these medications with good and true to heart medical needs to satisfy patients needs. As this crisis deepens, it is already taking hold that the availability and ability to obtain these life saving and life altering medications is being threatened. Doctors may be less and less likely to prescribe these medications even though there is a true need! People who need these medications may already be being denied these medications.

The ILLEGAL importation of Opioid products such as heroin, Chinese Fentanyl and all associated illegal drug sources. A very large and very costly impact on the Opioid crisis stems from the illegal inflow of these products into the US society. Where is the burden of blame to be placed for these criminal activities? This should be also placed on US Drug Makers?! The Attorney Generals filing these lawsuits seem to believe so.

The Individual! At what time are people to be held accountable to their own actions in the US and why is it that the average person here is accountable to what we do, how we live, but those using these products, legally and illegally, are being absolved of this responsibility?

Pharmacies:  What about the companies that distribute the medications to the individuals?  One would think they would know how much of these items they are giving each individual and see a problem with abuse?

Government Agencies and the DEA:  Where the heck was the government in this and not identifying prescription abusers from the Doctors, the Pharmacies and the Individual?!  Absolutely, these addicts will go to multiple doctors, pharmacies, etc. to obtain the drugs, but where was the government oversight that didn't see this?  With all the digital records today, you are telling me that we can't know when a person gets multiple scripts for the same drugs filled from various Doctors and Pharmacies?!  Time for the Government to take some accountability in this as well. 

Did the Drug Makers suffer from some deviation in products which may have ended up in the wrong hands? Very possible, however, how does this differ from Guns in the US? Are Gun Makers the next to be put out of business by lawsuits such as these because guns they manufactured for very good legal business reasons were deviated from lawful places into the hands of criminals! Then how do we believe that drug makers are fully and solely accountable and have to atone to the tune of billions of dollars which will likely never get to the public!

Or how about car manufacturers that manufacture and advertise cars that break legal speed limits?! Manufacturers make and advertise cars that go fast and we all know speed is addictive for some people. This addictive need for speed and going fast in cars certainly defies the law, and it certainly kills people, even innocent people that are killed because of the addict that is going too fast or accelerates too quickly. In fact, motorcycles and boats too. So next on the chopping block should be car manufacturers, motorcycle manufacturers, boats manufacturers and all the dealers that sell these legal items because people, addicts, use them for how they are not intended.

It is time for People to Unite against this abuse of power. Time for good people on the other side of the argument, the responsible, to sound off and our voices be heard. Do not allow our Drug Makers to be the target of this misplaced aggression. Do not allow ANYONE to use US laws against companies that do so much good for society and the people that live here.  Many facets of fault lay in the Opioid crisis, including Drug Makers, Doctors, Pharmacies, the INDIVIDUAL, the Illegal Drug Operations AND the US Government and their Drug Enforcement efforts.  IT IS NOT THE SOLE FAULT OF DRUG MANUFACTURERS!  Let me say that again, it is not the fault solely of the drug makers.  

These lawsuits have destroyed 10's and 100's of Billions of Dollars in wealth and are on the verge of destroying our abilities to manufacture drugs that are badly needed by people that extend their lives! Soon with these companies out of business, what do you think will happen to the cost of medication in The United States?! Do you think it is high now?! How about after many of these companies fail? How about when we have reduced capacity or ability to research and create new much needed drugs? What do you think will be the cost then?

Don't let this happen in our America! Take back our America and force US Attorney General William Barr, The State Attorney Generals and Lead Judge U.S. District Judge Dan Polster to take action to stop this before it is too late! Let them hear your concern and voice by signing this petition!  Stop trying to blame one entity for this crisis and place blame on a single entity!!!  

We, the People, demand that these lawsuits cease, that we recognize the good US Drug Makers bring to our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Without them, perish the thought.

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