Every single person who was involved to the Jeffrey Epstein Case should be charged!

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Dear Attorney General Barr,

we, people all over the world want justice for the women Jeffey Epstein did abuse! Jeffrey Epstein enabled rich and powerful men to abuse children in an organized sex trafficking operation.

Its seems clear that several instances of US justice did huge mistakes in the case of Jeffrey Eppstein.This did lead to the fact that Epstein could abuse thousands of women over a time of two decades. If the justice instances would have done their jobs properly thousands of women could be saved.

As the USA stands for democracy and values we want you to react now and be active!We want true justice for the vicitims of Jeffrey Eppstein!

The USA should show the world what they stand for!

We demand to know what information Epstein had, and against whom! Even tough he is dead his file must stay opened and the investigations should go on! Every single  person who was involved to that crime must be charged for that!  The abuse of underage women ia a crime! It’s also  a crime to cover up that criminality!

The women should all be interviewed and all the information should be used to investigate every single person who was involved in that crime! We want to know the name of every single person and see every single person charged!

We also want that Ghislaine Maxwell gets charged for the crime she did!

Its time for justice! Justice for the victims! Justice for all of us!