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Our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico need disaster relief today!

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3.5 million Americans are without communication, power, or water in Puerto Rico.  We Americans have the potential to turn the colossal disaster in Puerto Rico into a monumental recovery, but we need to act NOW!

Dear America,

There are 3.5 million American citizens stranded without power, water, or communication in Puerto Rico, and it may take months to restore these basic necessities. That is more than 1% of our fellow citizens in grave danger: grave, yet rectifiable danger. While it is important to set realistic expectations on the recovery, it is absolutely unacceptable that our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico will be in this dreadfully dire situation for months when we have the resources to significantly hasten relief.  Our fellow citizens need our help; they need our ingenuity; they need our motivation and sense of duty; they need us to rise to this challenge and help them rebuild in weeks, not months!  This is a test for our Nation.  Can we marshal the resources to turn this months-long disaster into an historically quick recovery?

It has been days now, and the entire island is still without power, and most of these 3.5 million people do not even have running water.  If we don’t act immediately, this slow moving disaster could turn catastrophic.  This is a time-sensitive situation that requires money, resources, and tens of thousands of qualified and skilled workers to rebuild infrastructure and bring in needed fuel, food, water, and other essential supplies for life.  

Puerto Rico, FEMA, and the U.S. government are already on the job.  However, I worry that help is arriving too slowly and is not at the scale required to address this situation.  To be honest, it is difficult to ascertain the scale of our response to this emergency, and that worries me.  The scale of this disaster is massive and if our government were truly mobilizing military, resources, and volunteers on the scale needed to resolve this, it would be the biggest, most heart-warming story of the year.  It would be difficult to miss the story.  Yet, it is difficult to find any hints of such a story, which makes me worried that the response is inadequate.

With Harvey, Irma, Maria, and the many fires across the West, it is likely that we all have disaster fatigue.  But the situation in Puerto Rico is dire, and I know that we have the will and resiliency to rise to their aid.  We are Americans, it is what we do.

It is our duty to make the response to Hurricane Maria our top priority.  Our brothers and sisters need us to make this response the first item on our todo lists every morning.  Please help ensure that our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico have the necessary money, resources, and manpower.  Help them to turn this potential colossal catastrophe into an uplifting and remarkable recovery.

Your fellow citizen and brother,

Jeremiah Murphy

Tallahassee, Florida


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