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Vicky Scott
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On Thursday, March 29th, Willard High School choir students and student body in general were informed that our beloved Choir Director, Mr. Jerry Scott, was not returning to his position. Not only has this information dumbfounded students and staff at Willard High School, but also was completely unexpected to say the very least. Mr. Scott has been the rock and the foundation for creating and maintaining musical excellence at Willard. His musical influence and ability to coach and mentor his students is truly extraordinary . His absence has left a huge hole in the choir program, one that cannot and will not be able to be filled by anyone else. It is unfair for the administration at Willard to expect choir students to want to continue singing in the program that Mr. Scott worked so extremely hard to build. Willard students want Mr. Scott as their choir director. We want answers and we want the Board of Education to provide them to us. Mr. Scott has helped to shape hundreds of students and he means the world to us. Do not penalize the students over politics. We deserve better. We deserve Mr. Scott to be our director and to share in our lives and in our successes.


A message from Mrs. Scott, posted on 3/30/18:

As Jerry Scott’s wife and as a member of the Willard community, I am compelled to share an accurate account of Jerry’s employment status with the Willard Public Schools. First and foremost, I would like to state that Jerry has not committed any crime, done anything illegal or immoral, nor has he been insubordinate. In addition, Jerry has NOT resigned and has NOT been terminated, despite the district’s decision to post his position as open for the 2018-2019 school year.
Jerry is currently on paid Administrative Leave, a decision directed by the Willard School Board. This decision was made after the school board decided to escalate a student supervision concern that had already been addressed and resolved by administrators. Contrary to statements made by the school board, no students were left unsupervised during the incident, nor were any students harmed.
At this time, Jerry intends to exhaust all avenues in order to be reinstated and to return to his classroom. He has begun preparations for a public hearing with his NEA staff and legal team, which will be scheduled in the coming weeks.
Jerry would wish for his students to stay united, to pursue excellence every day, and to love and support Mrs. Green as she leads the program in his absence. Focus each day on the gift of making music together and strengthening the bond that we all share. He is heartbroken by the impact of this situation. The decisions of the Willard school board have hurt his students, and therefore have hurt him.
Thank you to our family, friends, and colleagues for their prayers, encouragement, and support, all of which will sustain us through the coming days. Knowing that you would never question Jerry's personal or professional integrity has meant the world to us both.
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