Say YES to Organic landscape management in Parks, Schools and Public places

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Health is something we all value. I can not think of anything more important than health. I am here to advocate for the health of our community. I feel that Willamalane and the city of Springfield have a responsibility to the community to provide a safe place for our families to be. How can we continue to use synthetic chemicals that are known carcinogens and known to be harmful in a myriad of ways?

Did you know that Springfield's parks, athletic fields, sidewalks, trails, and greenbelts are sprayed with toxic pesticides and herbicides? These synthetic chemicals have been shown to cause cancer, lower IQ, damage developing reproductive organs, and cause other significant harm. Despite the evidence of harm, they continue to spray them in places where our children play, roll in the grass, and do all the other things kids like to do.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says there is no safe level of pesticide exposure for children. Pesticides are toxic chemicals that are dangerous for all living things. Why are children being subjected to these risks? Is killing weeds more important? Dandelions do not cause harm but pesticides do. 

There is another consideration besides how these chemicals are affecting the health of the human beings who come into contact with them, and that is the environment and animals. We live surrounded by rivers and lakes.  WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS! 

Willamette University, Harvard University, the country of France, the city of Austin Texas, Talent Oregon, Irvine California, are all successfully switching to a non-toxic landscape management program. In Eugene, the Laurelwood public golf course has switched to all organic management and has saved water and money! It can be done. 

I would like to see Springfield Oregon and Willamalane Parks department make the switch too. NOW. I would like to see them work with interested community members to learn how to switch to proven organic methods. NOW.

Please sign this petition and tell our city leaders that you want them to stop using toxic pesticides and herbacides in our parks, schools, and public spaces and implement only organic practices. We can do this! Together we can do this. Thank you for caring and thank you for sharing this petition.  With lots of love and appreciation, Julie