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Petitioning Will Smith

Write, Produce, Put out a New Album

Will Smith's last studio album was in March of 2005. Since then the world has taken a big turn for the worse, which clearly is because of the lack of rapping from Mr. Smith. Right after he put out his last album the first of many many tragedies happened. Just to name a few of the tragedies that have taken place since Will has left the rap throne: Hurricane Katrina, 8.9 magnitude earthquakes in Japan, Thailand Flooded, Phillipines Typhoon, Virginia Tech, Pope John Paul 2's death.
Ontop of all that the economy has tanked and corruption and greed have taken over the world.
The amish even had a school shooting.

If this world is to survive it needs a new Will Smith album, when he was rapping our economy was great, we lived happy, and the amish left their guns at home. Since his lack of music participation, we all have fallen apart.

Our only hope is Will Smith.

Letter to
Will Smith
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Will Smith.

Write, Produce, Put out a New Album

Ever since Will Smith's last album, numerous world wide disasters have taken place. This is directly related to the lack of rapping by Mr. Smith, if this world hopes to survive we need him to come back!