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State legislation changes to the Commonwealth National Redress Scheme

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This Petition has been created to help support every survivor of Child sexual abuse in Government care in Australia and to ensure no survivor is forgotten or not given the same opportunity as every other young man or woman with regards to professional help, individual counselling and compensation.

I speak on behalf of all those affected adversely by child sexual abuse when i say, no victim or survivor is more worthy than the next in relation to the help they should receive from governments after acknowledgement of the abuse.  

I am Petitioning that each Government, in my case the Tasmanian government, should change the old legislation to enable our government to opt into the Commonwealth National Redress Scheme for survivors of child sexual abuse in government care within Australia.

The number of mixed messages that is giving people to specualte on is not good and either are the messages themselves, one must ask why our government is not fighting for us to become a part of this :National Redress Scheme".

I dare say is it because our survivors of child sexual abuse are not deemed worthy or important as other survivors within our nation?  Our leaders need to stand up and fight to pass the legislation needed for us to join the Redress Scheme, and our states survivors need to be treated with the same dignity and respect as others.

I ask all who read this to sign your name in support of our state government changing legislation and becoming part of the National Redress Scheme and stand for our equal rights.

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