Help save the lives of Australian Workers.

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People who this change affects: 

Employees in Tasmania. 

My story: 

On the 8th of October 2007 my 24 year old son David lost his life in a workplace accident in Tasmania.

It has been 10 years and he has received no justice. 

His tragic death has opened my eyes to unjust, unfair, discriminatory and dangerous Workers Compensation Legislation in Tasmania that needs to be addressed.

I have been campaigning the Tasmanian State Government for change for 10 years. They are not listening and other Tasmanian workers have continued to lose their lives during this time.

I need your help to make a difference. 

Help me make a change! 

The current Tasmanian Workers Compensation Act 1988 is unfair, discriminatory and outdated and we demand: 

1. That the Tasmanian Government include ALL Tasmanian Workers in the Workers Compensation Act. 

Currently, many workers are deliberately excluded from the Tasmanian Workers Compensation Act 1988. Many workers who, would not know they are excluded.   

2. That the Tasmanian Government introduces Industrial Manslaughter laws for employers who are found to have contributed towards a Tasmanian workers death by failing in their Duty of Care. 

Currently, the many workers who are excluded from the Tasmanian Workers Compensation Act 1988 are disposable and have no rights. 

These changes are long overdue.